Allamakee County Recorder's Office warns against deed notice letter

The Allamakee County Recorder's Office is advising area residents that a company named Record Transfer Services is sending letters out to people in Allamakee County who may have recently purchased property. The letter states "Recorded Deed Notice", lists the property owner's parcel number and county, and shows an amount due of $83.00. The notice looks very official; it has the date of when a deed was recorded and information about the property listed, along with a recommendation that all homeowners should obtain a copy of their deed and a property assessment profile, a service they will provide for that fee of $83.00.
"You do not owe them $83," warns Allamakee County Recorder Deb Winke. "This is an outrageous amount and homeowners who are concerned about recording activity can always get a copy of their deed through the Allamakee County Recorder’s Office for just 50 cents a page or free through Iowa Land Records, the Iowa County Recorders statewide website. The property assessment is information taken from the Allamakee County’s GIS website for free."
Winke advises that these letters, and the property information on them, are not coming from her office or any other Allamakee County office. Those with further concerns may call Allamakee County Recorder Deb Winke at 563-568-2364.

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