Lansing Council addresses several citizen issues during regular Monday night session

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday night, July 6 and addressed three issues presented by citizens. One was a request to repaint the parking space lines on Fourth Street next to the Gundersen clinic. Street Department representative Troy Hill said the street is scheduled to be blacktopped soon and asked the Council if the job should be postponed until after that to avoid painting the lines twice. The Council asked the City Clerk to contact the contractor to determine an approximate date when the blacktopping will be accomplished; if later, then the painting can be done now and then repainted after the street work is completed.
Another  citizen issue was the condition of Shaw Street, which washes out after each rain. Mayor Mike Brennan said that FEMA has rejected the City’s request to fund street repairs and that further study will be required before a long-term solution can be found. In the meantime, the City will continue to fill potholes and eroded areas with gravel. Brennan said that existing culverts are too small and will need to be replaced with larger ones, and that advice from the City Attorney and an engineer are required before action can be taken.
The third citizen item, a special building permit request from John Gage for 161 Valley Street was approved.
Mayor Brennan opened a bid from Bear Creek Archeology in the amount of $1,953.95 for an archeological study related to the Clear Creek Bridge project. The Council approved the bid.
The Council appointed Councilwoman Deb Volker as City Representative to Main Street Lansing.
Councilwoman Becky Conway reported a dead tree next to the Old Stone School and asked if something could be done about it. She also said there have been complaints about unkempt properties that are in violation of the City’s mowing/nuisance ordinance. After discussion the Council agreed to move forward with written warnings and/or legal action against the owners.
Councilman Dick Roeder said two individuals have asked the Council’s permission to resurface portions of the alley between North Third and North Fourth Streets. The Council asked to see a specific plan before permission is given.
People Service Representative Heath Draeger reported that the sewer main break on Main Street was due to roots and grease in the pipes. Draeger asked the public to refrain from pouring grease down their drains.
In Police Department business, Police Chief Ed Stahl said there was much activity and many calls over the Fourth of July weekend. Officer Conrad Rosendahl reported that the City of Dubuque has donated two light bars for Lansing’s patrol cars. The Lansing City Council will be meeting with the New Albin City Council to negotiate Lansing’s purchase of the New Albin patrol car.

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