Lansing City Council listens to noise complaint

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in egular session Monday night, September 21 and heard complaints from three Knoll Street residents concerning noise created by one of the neighbors who restores cars in his garage. The group’s spokesman, Russ Quackenbush, who presented the same problem at the last Council meeting, said the noise was so bad last week that police were called. Quackenbush quoted from a City Ordinance that said, “ shall be unlawful for a person to disturb the peace by excessive loud or unusual noise by blowing horns, ringing bells or by the use of sirens, radios or other type of speaking device or noisemaker...” The group wanted to know why the police could not issue a citation. Mayor Mike Brennan asked whether the officer deemed it to be a violation. Quackenbush said that Conrad Rosendahl, the officer on the scene,  agreed the noise was “over the top.” Officer Rosendahl, who was present at the Council meeting, reported that he talked to the person creating the noise, who responded “...It is my hobby and I have the right to do it...” Rosendahl said, “We suggested  he could cut down on the noise by closing the doors. The individual said he wasn’t going to because what he does creates lots of dust.” The Knoll Street residents all agreed the noise was somewhat better after the officer’s conversation with the neighbor. Councilwoman Volker asked if there were any filters or anything to control the dust. Quackenbush answered, “There are none and he doesn’t even bother to wear a mask.” Quackenbush  said he thought the dust should be analyzed to see if there were any hazardous chemicals in it. After further verbal exchanges, Mayor Brennan said, “Here’s what we’ll do.  I’ll have the officers issue a citation for last week...and we’ll need affidavits from the three of you supporting this ticket.” Brennan suggested that Quackenbush call the County Health Department regarding the dust analysis. Brennan said the City Council does not have authority over the Police Department, so if, in the future, the officers in their professional judgment deem it necessary to do so, they will be the ones to determine the necessity of issuing citations, saying that the City Council should not be involved in these matters.
The Council reviewed two applications for building permits and approved an application from Ed and Rose Bartz for a loft at 616 Center Street, but postponed a decision on the application from Sheri Honn to build a garage at 160 North Second Street, stating that a survey would need to be done to determine exact boundary lines.
Paul Farley, owner of the lot at 171 Iowa Street, requested reimbursement on his sewer bill  due to a leaking water hose. The Council approved reimbursement of half of the bill, $114.75.
Fire Chief Tony Becker addressed the Council regarding a train derailment class and mock disaster drill that will be held in conjunction with the County Emergency Management Department and Veterans Memorial Hospital on October 29 at 4 p.m. Becker asked the Council whether the drill should take place near the railroad tracks or behind the lumber yard.  The Council approved either location, but that if it was held near the railroad tracks that traffic would need to be rerouted.  Mayor Brennan said that rerouting traffic would lend reality to the exercise.  Becker said the drill , an anhydrous ammonia leak, would include evacuation procedures in a one mile radius, with participants knocking on residents’ doors, advising them to evacuate or sign a waiver. There will be a mass casualty event with  many “victims” and emergency personnel involved. Becker also said a discussion will be held October 27 at 6 p.m. at Veterans Memorial conference room to discuss the drill and coordinate efforts with the DOT, Coastguard,  County EMS and several other participating organizations.
Street Superintendent Jerry Aperans reported that construction will begin on the fence around the City burn site Tuesday, September 22.
The City Clerk reminded everyone that the City Wide cleanup day is to be held October 13.  
The Parks Board will be meeting at the Mt. Hosmer pavilion Tuesday night to continue work on the new planter boxes.

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