Waukon Water Department to begin "smoke testing" of sanitary sewer lines in southwest Waukon Thursday

The City of Waukon Water Department will be conducting smoke testing of sanitary sewer lines within the southwest quadrant of Waukon Thursday, October 15 in an effort to help locate any breaks, breaches or defects within the sewer system. Notice is being given to alert all area residents that smoke may be visible from vent stacks on homes and other buildings, or rising from holes in the ground, and should not be confused with smoke from a fire. City officials advise that the smoke being used for the testing has no odor, is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard, and will dissipate in a few minutes.
Residents living within that southwest quadrant of Waukon (south of West Main Street and west of Rossville Road) are also advised that, prior to the testing, they should pour water into any basement floor drains or any unused sinks to seal drain traps and prevent smoke from entering the structure through those avenues. Residents are also asked to advise the Waukon Water Department of any pets, immobile or sleeping persons, individuals with respiratory problems or elderly individuals who may be home alone during the testing and become alarmed by the smoke.
If smoke does become evident within a structure during Wednesday's testing, City officials advise that it may indicate defects within the structure's plumbing that may also be allowing dangerous sewer gas to enter the structure. Anyone who does notice smoke during the testing is asked to note the location of the smoke and call the City of Waukon Water Department to report such a finding. Doors and windows can also be opened to help ventilate any smoke that may enter a building.
To report smoke, or for any further questions regarding the smoke testing, call the City of Waukon Water Department at 563-568-2683.

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