Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an open house celebration this Saturday

Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living celebrating 10-year anniversary ... Tenants of the Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living facility are pictured above taking part in one of the daily activities offered there. Tenants are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are able to come and go as they please. Three meals are served daily in the community room. Should the tenants ever find themselves with nothing to do, they can take part in daily activities that may include making crafts, taking in a speaker or bingo. Submitted photo.

by Brianne Eilers

Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an open house located at the facility at 602 Second Street SW in Waukon this Saturday, January 16 from 1-3 p.m. It has been 10 years since Southcrest Manor II opened its doors to provide area senior citizens and disabled adults an opportunity to remain as independent as possible through assisted living services.
Southcrest II consists of 16 apartments that contain 600 square feet each, and include a kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom, one bedroom and lots of storage. All apartments are on a first floor level. Stove, refrigerator and air conditioner are furnished. The facility has a community dining area where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served for those tenants who choose not to cook for themselves. Tenants are provided a monthly menu in order to help them choose if they wish to eat in the community dining area.
Manager Nona Sawyer explained that the tenants pay rent based on their income, and a board fee.  “It’s affordable housing,” she said. The rent and board fee cover utilities, electricity, water, garbage and sewer and cable television, lifeline services, daily activities, breakfast, lawn services and snow removal. Tenants are responsible for supplying their own landline phone. Each resident has a small garden plot to use, if they choose, to grow a few plants. Tenants are also allowed to have a small pet, with an additional security deposit.
Tenants are encouraged to attend monthly tenant meetings, where a variety of topics are discussed and tenant suggestions and comments are appreciated. There is also a monthly newsletter that covers a variety of topics, and both tenants and their families can receive the newsletter.
Northgate Care Center, owned and operated by ABCM Corporation, provides the healthcare services for Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living. Amanda Roe, a Registered Nurse, and Certified Nursing Assistants offer tenants the 24-hour assistance they need to remain independent in the assisted living facility.
There is also a Registered Nurse on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Registered Nurse can assist tenants with their medications, change dressings, assess blood pressures and blood sugars and monitor other health concerns. The Certified Nursing Assistants give tenants assistance with personal cares, exercises, laundry and housekeeping.
Tammy Cooper, Service Coordinator, says, “There are daily activities for those who choose to participate.” They try to cater to a wide range of interests, and activities include anything from bingo to baking to word games or speakers and presentations and more. There is exercise equipment on the premises for tenants to use, and an exercise class is offered twice a week.
“We try to do monthly outings, which have been anything from going out to eat, attending community events and shopping,” Cooper added. Tenants are free to come and go as they please, and those tenants who still drive may continue to do so. For tenants who don’t drive, there is public transit available to get them to their shopping destinations and doctor appointments.
Cooper noted that the tenants all watch out for each other and that they form a family bond when they move in. The tenants’ families are also welcome to visit any time, with the community room being available for use.
Current Allamakee Housing, Inc. Board members include Reverend Lynn Groe, President, Ron Snitker, Jane Regan, Jane Dietrich, Denise Beyer and Nona Sawyer.
Anyone who might be interested in information regarding Southcrest Manor II Assisted Living or any of the other facilities on the campus is encouraged to attend Saturday's open house or may call Allamakee Housing at 563-568-0043.

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