Veterans Memorial Hospital soon to transition to a new electronic medical record system

Veterans Memorial Hospital has announced it plans to transition to a new electronic medical record system the end of February. This new system will now link to all departments, encompassing all areas of the hospital, including the billing department.

With this change, patients will see a new statement following any hospital service which will be a completely different look from what they are used to receiving due to the use of a new vendor. In addition, patients’ account balances will also be handled by a new system that will be unfamiliar to current patients. For example, a patient may have a test performed in February and it will be processed through the current company, MedPay, and after March 1, self pay statements and phone calls will come from the new vendor instead.

Since this transition will take place over the course of a few months, the hospital wishes to inform patients they may receive account phone calls and reminders within just a few days of each other. Also, the statements from the two different vendors do not look alike, which may also cause confusion, and the hospital wishes to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Veterans Memorial Hospital also asks that anyone experiencing any difficulty in understanding this new system call the hospital at 563-568-3411.