And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that television news shows over the weekend and into Monday were heavily covering the official move of the embassy of the United States to the Israeli capital city of Jerusalem.

This is something which a succession of American presidents have promised since the majority of the civilized world 70 years ago established Israel as the homeland for the Jews. All have reneged under pressure from Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs in general.

So I found it ironic to listen once again, as I have for those 70 years, the words of a Gospel writer read at mass Sunday which held the promise of a Jewish homeland with its “holy city” of Jerusalem.

Those who opposed the fulfillment of that often promised move by the U.S. said they feared the Palestinians would not accept it and would riot, and would be joined by Muslims and Arabs around the world.

That certainly did happen immediately in Israel and a number of Palestinians were killed as they rushed border areas.

Those same critics say it dampens any effort at peace between Muslims and Jews, Israel and Palestine.

Frankly, it is unlikely such a peace can ever be achieved. The gospel writers are from the time of Christ, over 2000 years. The conflict is often dated at over 3000 years.

Palestine has never recognized Israel as a state. The goal of Muslims is extermination of Jews at best or removal to some distant land at least. How do you negotiate with that background?

It was interesting to note that President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kuchner was a lead representative of the U.S., since his family is of Jewish ancestry and emigration.

I awoke this morning to sunshine, only to turn on the bedside radio and hear there was heavy rain 100 miles or so south of here. Weather continues to be weird, and when I came downstairs and opened the drapes, I thought I was seeing the latest manifestation. There were bubbles floating across the street a block away. Raining bubbles?

Turns out, someone had a bubble making device and the wind was obliging.

My physical limitations made me wonder if I could take my dirty car through a car wash, so I procrastinated. Then one morning, as I watched the Weather Channel, I saw where significant rain was headed our way, so when it came, I backed the car out of garage, and drove a distance south, then east, then north, then west, then north again, all over paved surfaces.

The rain did a nice job!

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