Letter to the Editor: What is going on in the USA?

To the Editor:

The library in Waukon has a book by Nicholas Stargardt titled The German War - A Nation Under Arms 1939-1945. It explores what was going on inside of Germany in the years prior to the onset of and during World War II from the viewpoint of the German citizens.

I have often wondered what the average German citizen could have been thinking during the “Hitler” years. How could the German citizens have been ignorant of the circumstances and events around them? This book was a good beginning in trying to answer that question.

What is going on in the USA? What is happening today is beyond disturbing. Our country should be - is supposed to be - better than this.

The frustration, anger and disillusionment at home and abroad will have a long lasting effect. It will have an impact on relationships both personal and global.

Do not talk to me of faith or religion. Do not tell me, “This is a test of faith, that God does not give us more than we can bear.”

This is a test alright. It is a test of how much evil we will overlook, sanction and tolerate.


Colleen T. Gragg

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