Paddlers urged by DNR officials to stay off rivers swollen by recent rains

Iowa rivers and streams are swollen and swift with consistent rainfall most of last week, according to Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials. Some rivers are already dangerously high, and more rivers could rise fast with chances of rain forecast again through this week.

“We encourage all paddlers, especially new and inexperienced paddlers, to stay on lakes and flat-water while the rivers are high due to heavy rain,” said Todd Robertson, paddling instructor and Outreach Coordinator for Rivers Programs at the DNR.

“Swollen rivers are super powerful and have unpredictable current along with tons of wood debris coming downstream to form deadly ‘strainers’,” said Robertson. He said that even experienced paddlers should stay off of rain swollen rivers. “If you get into a situation where you are struggling and fighting the current, the river will win,” said Robertson.

DNR officials advise those going out on the water to always know the river conditions before they go paddling. For the latest river conditions, visit the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) website at or contact the local county conservation board for more localized updates.

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