Signs of the times ...

A new sign (left) warning of around the clock camera surveillance at the City of Waukon yard waste disposal site on the northeast edge of Waukon near the Allamakee County Fairgrounds will help to further enforce the advisement of the older larger sign also pictured above as to what can and can’t be disposed of at the site. Although item disposal do’s and don’ts have been clearly spelled out on the larger signs for years, continued findings of unacceptable and even hazardous items at the disposal site have prompted City officials to place surveillance cameras at the site in an effort to help enforce infractions and other misuse of the site.

Per City Code Section 105.07, “Yard waste” means leaves, grass clippings, yard and garden debris, brush, including clean woody vegetative material no greater than six (6) inches in diameter. This term does not include tree stumps, roots, shrubs nor would it include larger branches.” Depositing anything other than yard waste at the disposal site is in violation of City Code and is punishable as a municipal infraction with penalties up to $750 for a first offense and up to $1,000 for each repeat offense. Video footage from the surveillance cameras installed at the disposal site will be used to prosecute those in violation to the fullest extent of the law.

Yard waste may be deposited at the disposal site between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Anyone with further questions about the yard waste disposal site may contact City of Waukon Street Superintendent Keith Burrett at 563-568-2765. Standard photo by Joe Moses.

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