Letter to the Editor: The Walk Away party

To the Editor:

I see where the Democrats have a new party called the Walk Away Party, similar to the Republican Tea Party. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would not give the Tea Party a tax exemption. I wonder if the new Walk Away Party will be granted a tax exemption? I hope so.

The Democrats have been so anti-America and anti-Christian for too long. Their leadership is a total farce and mockery, and the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have helped them. Those people took the Bible and all Christianity out of our schools and the devil walked in.

They are now preaching a doctrine of hate and mob mentality with leaders like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others.

Planned Parenthood is their baby and is the worst thing to happen to the United States of America (USA). When any government supports and sponsors the abortion of millions of babies they will certainly lose the blessing of God. They are also trying to force the Sisters of the Poor to provide condoms. They are against speaking English only. They are against border control.

Our president has done more good for our country in a short time than most - the economy is booming, people are busy and happy. The Christian community put him in office, and now he really needs your support and prayers.

A question that concerns me is why does it seem that the Democrats condemn our law enforcement people and our military? Why are they so anti-Christian? Why do they think aborting babies is ok? Why are they for open and unprotected borders? Why are they against speaking English only? Why are they against term limits? Why are they against a balanced budget amendment? Why are they against a tax break for the American people? Why are they still supporting Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson?

I could put a bunch of Republicans in with this group of people that need to go. Please drain the swamp.

Maybe the new start-up group called the Walk Away Party will help. I hope so. I wish God’s blessing to the new Walk Away Party and to the Tea Party.

Kindest regards and God Bless,
Osmond (Ozzy) Quandahl


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