Letter to the Editor: Collusion, corruption, compromisation?

To the Editor:

This is in response to several previous letters.

Yes, Donald Trump won the general election electoral vote; no, he didn’t win the popular vote. Whether Donald Trump or someone on his campaign “colluded” with a foreign government is the reason for the Mueller investigation.

As of July 13, 2018 there are 25 known indictments by a Grand Jury involving Russian meddling in our election and that should make every American upset, no matter what your party is. Our election process is the very foundation of our country and we need to find out if that process has been compromised.

Until Trump’s trip to NATO and England, I thought he was just in over his head. But, after the NATO conference, he proved he is in over his head and has an ego problem that has set back the trust our allies have that the United States can be relied on in the time of crisis; especially under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

After his news conference in Helsinki, he stood next to Putin and said that he believed Putin over 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. This is what “collusion” looks like. Trying to back pedal with damage control and saying that he used the wrong word of “would” instead of “wouldn’t” doesn’t change everything else he has said about “witch hunt” since he has taken office. What do the Russians have on Trump?

If the GOP doesn’t want to find out the truth and depth of the Russian interference in our election process, then they can no longer claim to be the sole party of patriotism, as their inactions are showing otherwise. And no, it’s not “fake news” when there are 25 known Grand Jury indictments. It’s not “fake news” when conducting a raid on a lawyer’s home and office. You need some pretty strong evidence to convince a judge to issue a search warrant for a raid to seize a lawyer’s records and electronic devices. But it seems the GOP is willing to take Putin at his word that he had nothing to do with the election interference and is more concerned about Hillary’s server.

One writer mentioned that Trump doesn’t take a salary... however, the writer didn’t mention that Trump refused to put his business holdings in a blind trust so he couldn’t personally profit off the decisions he makes as President; like taking advantage of possible stock manipulation... “Guess I better change my stock portfolio before I put that 25% tariff on imported products, and I need to make sure Ivanka’s Chinese made products are exempt from the tariffs”. That is corruption.

Allen Lyon


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