Anonymous donation fuels new amphitheater in Waukon City Park

Amphitheater to provide new entertainment venue in Waukon City Park ... Photos above and below show differing views of the new amphitheater under construction at the Waukon City Park. The view above shows the concrete slab stage area viewable from the terraced seating with the Indian Springs Pond as a scenic backdrop. The view below shows Waukon Park, Recreation and Wellness Director Jeremy Strub standing amongst the different terraced seating levels that have all been filled in with dirt and await grass growth before the amphitheater will be usable by the general public next year. Photos by Lissa Blake.

by Lissa Blake

An anonymous donation has helped make a new Waukon entertainment venue a reality.

“I had it in a long-range plan of mine,” said Waukon Park, Recreation and Wellness Director Jeremy Strub of the new amphitheater in the Waukon City Park. “A family came in and asked how they could help with park projects. When I showed them what I was thinking, they liked it.”

The family donated $25,000 toward the construction of the project, which is located at the south end of the park, near the Indian Springs Pond and ball diamond area. It includes a cement stage and three rows of terrace seating with lighting.

“That’s so people can see where they’re walking,” said Strub.

Strub said in designing the new amphitheater, he looked at many examples and came up with a plan. “Eberhart Concrete helped lay it out. They did a nice job of making it curved and looking nice,” Strub said, adding the cement stage was raised so it can be seen from farther away.

Twenty-five loads of dirt recently were used to fill the space between the cement walls. The next step will be to grow enough grass between each terrace. “We need to grow enough grass, so it’s not a muddy mess next year. People will be able to either sit on the wall, or there is a space between each terrace where you can bring a chair and sit,” said Strub.

Strub said in addition to helping bring low-cost entertainment to the community, including a “music in the park” series which will begin next summer, the venue would make a great location for smaller weddings.

“We already book a lot of weddings in the park and Memory Garden. This would be a really nice place for a smaller wedding, and it has a great view of the pond behind it,” he said. “It was a hillside that wasn’t being used for anything. Now it’s really become useful and an attraction to town that local people will want to use.”

Strub said reservations to use the new amphitheater can be made through Waukon Park and Recreation by calling 563-568-6420.

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