Letter to the Editor: The real danger is Progressives comparing President Trump to Hitler

To the Editor:

Mr. Hill claims in his Letter to the Editor dated August 1 that his original letter contained pure fact from the book “How Democracies Die.” Wrong. He claims that the authors of the book are respected scholars and diligent researchers who carefully documented all the points in their book. They may be.

I repeat, Democracy did not die in Peru. Surely it did in Venezuela at the hand of an outsider in the form of a military coup followed by a sham election to install communism. I doubt that either of the authors or any of their researchers ever spent a minute in Peru or Venezuela. They twisted facts to meet their own objective.

I will also repeat that I lived and worked in both countries during the timeframe in question and the authors are wrong, especially regarding Peru. I am not convinced that Democracy has died in Brazil. It is under pressure, to be sure. However, I believe that as long as the Brazilians can keep socialists, progressives and communists at bay, they will be OK. It is real easy to twist facts to prove the narrative you are promoting. It happened here with Mr. Hill cherry picking “facts” to prove his point.

I am totally dismayed that Mr. Hill would actually use the comparison of President Trump’s election to that of Hitler. That is deliberately inflammatory and has no place in our country that is dealing with more hatred and division than I have seen since the Vietnam War.

I believe Mr. Hill is the one with his fingers in his ears, refusing to believe that President Trump did win the election.

Mr. Hill would do well to join the “fantasy land of FOX news” from time to time and he would learn that the country is prospering and growing under the policies put forth by President Trump, which Mr. Hill believes to be authoritarian. If he can name a time in the last 20 years that showed more growth, higher employment, the lowest unemployment in minority groups, higher employment and pay for women, more participation in the labor force and faster job growth than what we currently have, I will buy him the dinner of his choice anywhere in the county. If he does not like “FOX,” he might check with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn the truth.

Time to put aside the acrimony and hate and pull together to bring the country back together.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry


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