Moving blood sugar lower is topic of August 28 Fresh Conversations

Exercise lowers blood sugar. That’s the topic theme for this month’s local Fresh Conversations health and wellness program.

From dancing to housework to an evening stroll, activity helps keep people healthy. This is especially true for persons with diabetes. Exercise helps sugars (or carbohydrates) move more easily in and out of blood vessels and muscles. This keeps blood sugar levels from getting too high and makes one feel more vibrant and energetic.

Activities of all types can keep us fit and well. For example, dancing has been shown to improve endurance, balance and memory as well as heart health. So, turn on some favorite tunes and dance like no one is watching.

Join a local Fresh Conversations program to learn more about the magic of being physically active. August’s Fresh Conversations program will be held at the Waukon Wellness Center (1220 3rd Avenue NW) Tuesday,  August 28 at 11:15 a.m. Local facilitator Patty Scholtes from NEI3A will lead the conversation. Take advantage of a tasty, congregate meal while there.

Besides moving more, adding a protein food, such as nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt, hummus or peanut butter, to a snack can even out blood sugars. Easy recipes and snack ideas for adding tasty protein foods to one’s diet will be shared.

The summer heat can take its toll on a person’s energy. Hot, humid conditions mean everyone, but specifically older adults, benefits from drinking adequate fluids. Staying hydrated can prevent urinary infections, replenish fluid reserves, and prevent dizziness and falling. Participants will sample refreshing summer drinks that promote hydration.

Join Fresh Conversations and take steps to improve well-being this summer. The program, sponsored by Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging, is free to attend.

If interested in staying for a meal, call 563-568-3250 for reservations.

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