Celebrating 50 years of joy, humor and love... Bob and Sheri (Haugland) Erickson

Sheri and Bob Erickson - then and now

Although the recollection of who noticed whom first is a little hazy (depending on who’s telling the story), it took only three dates to realize they had found “The One.” After high school, Sheri attended Wartburg College in Waverly and Bob went on to Winona State in Winona, MN. Just one semester in and one all-night hitchhiking trip to see Sheri, and Bob soon left Winona State to join her at Wartburg. Two years later, August 24, 1968, they were married at First Lutheran Church in Cresco - the same church they both attended in seventh grade.

Their love story continued as they settled in Waukon and built their “little house in the woods” forever home. They welcomed daughters Heather and Hillary, and many years later, Johan - a foreign exchange student from Norway who quickly became a permanent and welcome member of the family. The family has since grown to include Heather’s husband, Kyle Weigle, and their children, Lucas (9), Hannah (6) and Gabe (4); Hillary’s husband, Dane Wesenberg, and their children, Nora (3) and Anja (1); and Johan’s wife, Sandra Blindheim, and their daughters, Aile (6) and Milja (3).

Today, Bob enjoys his bank consulting business, professional speaking and writing. He also volunteers at Midwest Bible Mission in Cresco. Sheri is busy with her Healing Touch practice and traveling physical therapy work, as well as her first passion - caring for the countless stray animals and wildlife that make their way to the Erickson household.

Those wishing to offer congrats and well wishes can reach Bob and Sheri Erickson at 391 Heritage Drive, Waukon, IA 52172.

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