Kee students network with the cast and crew of “The Burial” ...

Students and faculty of the Kee High School Drama Department had the opportunity to provide lunch as well as participate in a meet and greet session with the cast and crew of the film “The Burial” which is being filmed Monday through Friday of this week in Lansing and the surrounding area. As pictured above in the Kee High School cafeteria in Lansing, the cast and crew visited with the students while enjoying a potluck-style lunch Sunday afternoon, August 26. After lunch, cast and crew members introduced themselves to those in attendance and shared their experiences about their career. They also provided some valuable insight about the many skills the students will need as they graduate high school and move on to the next chapter in their lives, especially those pursuing careers in the arts or film industry in particular. Those skills include how important it is to network with others, budgeting and business management, having a passion and following through on it (even though there may be many challenges along the way), and that even though they may be an actor/actress or producer/photographer, they may have many different types of jobs as well. Submitted photo.

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