Allamakee County 4-H members exhibit at 2018 Iowa State Fair

Allamakee County 4-H members exhibit at the Iowa State Fair ... The Allamakee County 4-H members pictured above represent a majority of the 28 local 4-H youth who had their projects and exhibits selected for advancement to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. Pictured above, left to right, are: Front row - Allie Bieber, Brandon Teslow, Thomas Troendle, Logan Brown, Faith Palmer, Diana Davison, Madi Palmer, Jenn Kloke, Tessa Rubendall. Back row - Taylor Howard, Emma Palmer, Mallory Byrnes, Parker Leppert, Memphis Miller, Katelyn Benzing, Madelyn Waters, MaKenzie Marting, Ashley Liddiard, Carley Sweeney, Denzel Decker. Not pictured - Katelyn Monroe, Abbie Brainard, Natalie Byrnes, Austin Schutte, Emily Bieber, Violet Holthaus, Neva Peterson, Katelyn Leiran. Pictured below is Allamakee County 4-H member Diana Davison (far right) as she takes part in the Awardrobe Clothing Event at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. Photos courtesy of Allamakee County ISU Extension and Outreach.

Allamakee County 4-H members exhibits were on display in the 4-H Exhibits Building at the Iowa State Fair held in Des Moines August 9-19. More than 3,800 exhibits were displayed this year, showcasing excellence in project area learning by 4-H members across the state of Iowa.

Divisions young people may exhibit in include agriculture and natural resources, creative arts, family and consumer sciences, personal development, and science, mechanics and engineering.

“Each exhibit is an outgrowth of year-long project area work done by the 4-H member,” explains Mitchell Hoyer, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H youth development program specialist. “The exhibits display at the Iowa State Fair is a celebration of the educational and personal accomplishments of our Iowa 4-H members. It is a way for our members to share what they’ve learned with the public.”

“During the 4-H program year, members set goals for themselves, and their exhibits receive placings based on how well they’ve met their goals and on the evaluation standards for each class,” said Morgan Bjerke, County Youth Coordinator at the ISU Extension and Outreach Allamakee County office in Waukon. “We’re pleased to announce that these Allamakee 4-H members have received special recognition for their hard work by having their exhibits on display at the Iowa State Fair.”

This year’s Iowa State Fair exhibitors from Allamakee County included the following:

Animals/ Ag & Natural Resources
Mallory Berns-Blue
Madi Palmer-Blue
Parker Leppert-Red
Maddy Waters-Blue

Food & Nutrition
Faith Palmer-Red
Ashley Liddiard-Red
Katelyn Leiran-Blue
Tessa Rubendall-Blue

Home Improvement
Allie Bieber-Blue
Emma Palmer-Red
Neva Peterson-Blue
Taylor Howard-Blue
Maddy Waters-Blue
Personal Development
Taylor Howard-Red
Natalie Byrnes-Blue
Memphis Miller-Blue
Emma Palmer-Red
Madalyn Palmer-Red
Katelyn Monroe-Blue
Tom Troendle-Red
Denzel Decker-Blue
Abbie Brainard-Red
Jenn Kloke-Blue
Logan Brown-Blue
Carley Sweeney-Blue

Sewing & Needle Arts/Clothing
Diana Davison-Blue

Science, Mechanics and Engineering
Katelyn Benzing-Blue
Brandon Teslow-Blue
Austin Schutte-Red
Visual Arts
Kenzi Marting-Blue
Abbie Brainard-White
Violet Holthaus-Red
Emily Bieber-Red
Memphis Miller-Red
Denzel Decker-Blue
Consumer Management
Allie Bieber-Blue
Child Development
Allie Bieber-Blue
Carley Sweeney (x2)-Blue

Clothing Selection/Awardrobe
Diana Davison-Participation
Educational Presentations
Diana Davison-Excellence
Katherine Hagen-Merit
Gaberial Mattson-Merit
Working Exhibits
Tom Troendle-Merit
Katherine Hagen-Participation
Kyrie Snitker-Participation
Berlin Troendle-Participation

For more information on 4-H opportunities for youth and/or adult volunteers in Allamakee County, contact the ISU Extension and Outreach Allamakee County office in Waukon at 563-568-6345, or visit the Iowa 4-H website at

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