Healthy Body and Mind Class beginning October 1

By Jill Fleming, MS, RD/LD, Dietitian, Veterans Memorial Hospital

Most people know that an apple is a better choice than a donut for good health.  And everyone knows that taking a walk is a healthier choice than sitting on the couch watching television.  So why do so many people struggle to break free from these bad habits? It is simply a matter of repetition. Your body craves what you give it, whether it is your choice of foods or your daily activities.

Getting healthy and losing excess body fat does not require you to go on a restrictive diet and start running marathons. It just requires you to choose a few new habits in the areas of nutrition, movement, stress reduction and sleep. Each new choice should be approached as a permanent addition to your life, not a short-term fix for quick results.

To make permanent lifestyle changes, find a support person or group you enjoy. Making new, positive changes to your life will be easier and more fun when you do it with a friend or class. Since research shows it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, you will want to dedicate at least three weeks to new lifestyle choices.

Remember that what you track improves. To lose excess weight, lower your blood pressure or control your blood sugar readings you need to monitor your actual numbers on a consistent basis. This is easier if someone, like a friend or class leader is holding you accountable weekly. You can also monitor weight, blood pressure or blood sugar readings yourself, but be sure you are writing them down.

If you are looking for a healthy living class with a supportive approach, Veterans Memorial Hospital will be starting a Healthy Body and Mind Class for Prevention and Reversal of Disease October 1. This is a 10-week class that will be offered Mondays from 5:30-7 p.m. Each participant will also receive an individualized session with one of our two dietitians. Call 563-568-3411, ext. 567 to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.

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