First Avenue NW repaving project taking place throughout the next month ...

Work has begun on the First Avenue NW resurfacing project taking place from Allamakee Street up through its 500 block to Sixth Street NW in Waukon. From the Allamakee County Courthouse up through the block housing East Elementary School, preliminary work began the week of September 19 with some initial manhole cover adjustments and cement cutting as an early step in the resurfacing project, as pictured above. Waukon City Manager Dean Hilgerson advised The Standard that the project has an anticipated October 25 completion date with River City Paving handling the resurfacing. Hilgerson indicated that a total of five blocks, with the 100 block being skipped due to recent storm sewer work and resurfacing, will be milled and resurfaced with asphalt and that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk work will be done at intersections with some curb and gutter removal and replacement to also take place. Hilgerson said that this is not a major project, as it will be completed in roughly a month’s time, but is important nonetheless considering the level of traffic on First Avenue NW. Motorists are advised to be alert for intermittent road closures and may need to find alternative routes during the project. Standard photos by Joe Moses.

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