Letter to the Editor: Clarification: VA policy did not involve local office

To the Editor:

My recent letter that I wrote to The Standard Viewpoints page was my experience at the Iowa City VA Hospital before I received my life-saving pacemaker and had nothing to do with the Allamakee County VA office in Waukon.

I wrote to Senator Ernst about the policy and decisions made by both Republicans and Democrats, including our current president, who are about my age and who beat the draft during the Vietnam war. My letter to Senator Ernst got me nowhere, as my words were wasted.

As I stated, it was the overall Veterans Affairs policy that I was questioning, and the Allamakee County VA had nothing to do with that policy or any decisions made.

As I also said, all veterans riding in those VA vans could be considered a liability. If not, then why are they going to the VA for their healthcare?

Pat Ward


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