Those experiencing food insecurity will get a LIFT beginning October 3 as new food pantry opens to serve Lansing and surrounding community

The Northeast Iowa Food Bank has recognized a need in eastern Allamakee County for the services of a community food bank. There are two food bank programs in the western part of the county, in Waukon and in Postville, but recognizing that Allamakee is one of the poorest counties in the state, a third site was deemed as being needed.

Based on those findings, and as a result of follow-through by many local volunteers, the LIFT (Lansing Iowa Food Trust) Food Pantry will be opening Wednesday, October 3 in the Lansing Properties Building office area located at 220 South Third Street in Lansing (formerly the Rethwisch Lumber building). Hours of operation will be every Wednesday from 4-8 p.m. and those who meet the qualification guidelines are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to supplement their food needs.

With a Mission Statement intended to “create a sense of community where people feel safe and supported,” LIFT organizers say they are here to help not only the truly poor, but also the “working poor, the elderly poor and anyone who has a need.”

“Food insecurity comes from a multitude of reasons and manifests itself in a variety of ways,” LIFT organizers shared. “We cannot address all of the issues individually and that isn’t the reason for creating LIFT. We have formed with the simple goal of providing stability for anyone, or any family, with food insecurity.”

LIFT Board of Directors members include the following: Karen Galema, President; Janice Rea, Treasurer; Gary Krapfl, Secretary; Chris McKee, Faye Halverson, Chad Steckel, Kim Timmerman and Darcey Pringle, Operations Manager.

LIFT first received a grant from the Allamakee County Community Foundation through the Northeast Iowa Food Bank for initial start-up costs for equipment, supplies and other expenses. From this point on, however, the food pantry will be dependent on donations (in-kind and monetary), all of which are tax deductible.

Monetary donations can be sent to: LIFT, P.O. Box 421, Lansing, IA 52151.

Volunteer help is also needed for unloading groceries, stocking shelves and helping at the food pantry Wednesdays from 4-8 p.m. Contact any board member if interested in volunteering.

“We have secured a wonderful site in the former Rethwisch Lumber Company office area, and we are very grateful to Scot Berg for offering it to us at a reasonable cost,” LIFT organizers explained. “The Northeast Iowa Food Bank is assisting us in a variety of ways to get us up and running. Our goal is to make a reality out of a dream, and that is where we need your help.”

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