Letter to the Editor: Asking for a good, honest debate

To the Editor:

November 6, Election Day, I’ll be 92 years old. A year ago, I could not write very well because of my weak right hand. It’s much better, thank God. It takes energy to write, but here goes.

I could not in good conscience let this pass without asking for a good, honest debate on such things as Planned Parenthood, police and military support, Christianity, English only in our schools, unprotected borders, terms limits, a balanced budget and tax breaks for middle America.

Now, when Trump ran against 15 highly respected people, my thoughts of Trump were not the greatest, but now I can see clearly, hands down, he is far superior than the others, a true Godsend. In our 2016 election, Trump carried Allamakee County big (by more than 1,600 votes). He was voted in by a mixture of support from each of the main political parties. He has done more for our country in two years than any other president.

Now, let’s get ready for the debate on who to support and vote for.

Kindest regards and God bless,
Ozzie Quandahl


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