Letter to the Editor: It’s our privilege, right and duty to vote

To the Editor:

In many countries people fight, and even die, for the right to vote, as did our ancestors not so many years ago. Today, some politicians and others in power are trying to make it more difficult for many of us to vote. We cannot let them take away one of our most important rights as citizens in a democracy.

If we’re unhappy with the way current office-holders are running our city, county, state or nation, we need to vote! We must read newspapers, listen to public debates, attend candidate forums and decide which candidates best represent our hopes for better care of our environment, our health, our education, our jobs and our childrens’ future.

Register to vote. Go to our courthouse and vote early or ask for an absentee ballot. Or vote at your precinct polling place November 6. It’s our privilege, right and duty to do so!

Jill Stephenson


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