Letter to the Editor: A true patriot and hero

To the Editor:

Senator John McCain was a true patriot and hero. What he endured during his five years of imprisonment and torture is beyond what any of us can imagine.

Hearing Donald Trump degrade McCain because he had gotten captured degraded not only John McCain but also all prisoners of war.  Through his torture, McCain emerged with a broken body but an extremely strong moral compass.

As senator, John McCain had the courage to do what was right and decent for his fellow countrymen/countrywomen. This was on full display when his one vote stopped his party from repealing the Affordable Care Act. McCain understood that millions have been provided health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. He understood the importance of insurance companies not being allowed to deny coverage to people who have pre-existing health conditions and the importance of women not being charged more for insurance just because of their gender.

Even though Senator McCain was under intense pressure from his party, McCain turned his thumb down and voted no. He put the needs of his fellow Americans ahead of his party’s agenda. It took courage to do this, but that was who John McCain was - a true patriot and hero.

Dr. Bernard Pratte

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