Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for sharing a veteran’s story

To the Editor:

Thanks to Lissa Blake for her article on this lovely tribute to Harris Quanrud. Helen’s thoughts about her Uncle Harris brought tears to my eyes.

It is a story that tells so clearly what family members who had a father, son, brother, uncle, husband go off to serve during WWII had to go through. It was touching to hear how the family rallied to be sure that their service hero received letters. I can see Helen’s mother and aunt  crying with grief and worry.

Helen’s mom, Harriet, was my mother’s best friend all her life. Harriet was one of the kindest, gentlest people I ever knew. She was compassionate, enjoyed reading poetry aloud and she shared her love with everyone. I can only imagine that her brother, Harris, was like her.

And what heroic acts he did during the war. I never knew. We can only imagine the trauma that he carried all his life from these experiences. With whom could  he share these memories? Who could understand? These heroes were expected to come back and take up their life as before. Yet, everything had changed. It is sad to think that the community was not  more helpful for these brave men.

Thank you, Helen, for sharing your story. Harris was so lucky to have the loving family he had.

I also believe that some men who had to stay home because of family need or some other reason felt guilty because they could not serve alongside their brave friends.

Janet Starr
Seattle, WA


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