Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on the recent general election

To the Editor:

The big election was yesterday and it was disappointing to me, down right scary. Too many races were way too close when the right has been doing such a good job.

Iowa, the number-one state in the union, led by a Republican governor, has a well-off financial situation. States with Democratic governors are pretty much mismanaged. Thank God Hubbell was defeated.

I hope you remember how nasty they treated Judge Kavanaugh and his family - terrible, but that is what the left is like. That dossier was totally made up of lies, the woman who said Judge Kavanaugh assaulted her in the back seat of a car now admits it was a made-up story. Yet the Democrats and the fake news run with those lies.

Why do you think Hollywood is so far left? They don’t want any restrictions on all the filthy pornography they produce. Why do the trial lawyers give big bucks ($200,000) to the Democrats? They promote crime, thereby creating big incomes for defense lawyers. What other reason would they donate so much money?

The Democrats would like to take your guns away, and they have done bad things to Christians for years - Bibles out of schools and condoms in, no Ten Commandments or Christian symbols. With 300,000 active churches every Sunday in the USA, if these churches are Christian, they should inform the people. The above mentioned things, to me, are terrible and must be stopped if our country is to become great again.

I think of a time when all churches were filled and the jail was a lonesome place. I’m going to lay it out flat - a lot of churches have not been doing their job, and because of it, the country’s morals have all but disappeared. It’s time for more than nice sermons Sunday mornings, it’s time for action to support the right and put Christ our Lord, the Bible and the Ten Commandments back in our schools. Teach that work is a great, honorable way of life. Christians live longer, happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Question: What is the difference between a Democrat, a Socialist, a Communist and a Liberal? I saw this question asked of a high-powered Democrat on TV. She could not answer. Maybe an area Democrat could give the answer.

Another question: Why do atheists like George Soros? Bloomberg gives millions to the Democrats.

In my opinion, the Democrats show great disrespect for our military and police, they make it hard for the military to vote but want convicted felons and illegals to vote. The Democrats are against English only and they fight against a balanced budget. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats’ next biggest push will be to impeach President Trump. To me, it looks like the Democrats just want to ruin the USA.

The Democrats produced a 2,700 page health plan, which is absolute nonsense. I guess an awful lot of people like the Democrats program, but I thought Iowans would be above that. There are probably many more items the Democrats stand for, but this letter is too long already. If you can straighten me out, please do.

Wisconsin will regret their vote. Wisconsin will be like California, New York and Chicago.

Kindest regards and
God Bess,

Ozzie Quandahl


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