Board of Supervisors sets meeting dates for end of current year, beginning of new year

by Joe Moses

The Allamakee County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Monday, November 26 to discuss items on a short agenda including the Fiscal-Year 2018 audit for the North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services Commission, the Quarterly Report for the Allamakee County Relief Office and setting meeting dates for the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. Chairperson Larry Schellhammer called the meeting to order with approval of the current agenda and meeting minutes of November 19.

During Public Comment, Jack Knight discussed the English Bench Watershed #9 dam leak and a recent conversation with a landowner that pointed out that sludge and sediment is noticeable down to the road. Knight advised that this could indicate some type of void that may need to be addressed. Supervisors Dan Byrnes, Dennis Koenig and Schellhammer discussed that answers from State experts will be coming in approximately a week with the matter on the next meeting agenda. Schellhammer discussed initial observations of those that have viewed the watershed and that it may need to be drawn down over the winter months in order to save it, which Knight agreed may be necessary.

Allamakee County Auditor Denise Beyer briefly discussed the procedure for current Assistant Allamakee County Attorney Anthony Gericke, now the newly elected Allamakee County Attorney, to assume the new role with the Assistant County Attorney position to be advertised. Beyer indicated that she will research what type of advertisement was used in the past. The Supervisors recommended consulting with Gericke prior to the decision to advertise to determine whether or not Gericke recommends the Assistant County Attorney vacancy be filled.

The Fiscal-Year 2018 audit for the North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services Commission was accepted and placed on file. The Quarterly Report for the Allamakee County Relief Office was also accepted and placed on file.

Allamakee County Zoning Administrator Tom Blake provided an overview of the plat request from Brian L. and Jean Ann Dillman, indicating that the Dillmans wish to divide a parcel creating a building lot and allowing for a separate title and potential ownership by another family member. Blake indicated that the Plat Review Board and Planning and Zoning Commission have both recommended approval. The Supervisors approved the plat request.

The Supervisors and Beyer discussed setting meeting dates for the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 in consideration of the Christmas and New Years holidays. Beyer indicated that a regular Supervisors meeting will take place Wednesday, December 26 following the Christmas Eve (Monday) and Christmas Day (Tuesday) holidays that include the Allamakee County Courthouse being closed during that time. Beyer discussed the possibility of forgoing the Monday, December 31 Supervisors meeting with the January 2 meeting of the new year taking place later that same week. Byrnes advised that the Monday, December 31 meeting take place due to it being a regularly scheduled Monday meeting to prevent any confusion regarding the meeting schedule and allowing the public to provide comment. The Supervisors approved meeting dates for Monday, December 31, 2018 and Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

Under Department Head Updates, Blake discussed a recent concern raised by a landowner regarding a neighbor in the Bluffland Protection District and potential construction activity. Schellhammer indicated that a bobcat or backhoe was seen from a distance on the property. Blake advised that access maintenance is allowed within the Bluffland Protection District and that he is not sure of the extent of the work being done and will investigate with permission of the landowner. Blake also provided an update regarding the potential purchase of a parcel near a quarry and a compliance matter.

Allamakee County Engineer Brian Ridenour discussed the weekend snowfall affecting much of southern Iowa without any accumulation in northeast Iowa. Ridenour indicated that sand has been hauled in as part of winter preparation with the County trucks loaded and ready. Ridenour also discussed the next Six-County Meeting to take place this Thursday and that he will be forwarding the agenda to the Supervisors when received.

Beyer indicated that the Auditors Conference will be taking place this week in Des Moines and will focus on election matters Thursday and human resource matters Friday. Beyer discussed her involvement with the conference with a different Allamakee County Auditor Office staff member attending each day in addition to her own attendance. Beyer also briefly discussed preparations for the Postville Community School District special election scheduled for February involving a physical plant and equipment levy.

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