Letter to the Editor: The rule of law

To the Editor:

Well, in January the rule of law will start and after two years of the Republican party letting their president sell out this country to Putin and doing nothing about it, “time’s up”. No more running roughshod over the rule of law and the Constitution and making up laws to fit the crimes that he has committed as he goes along.

I hope Mr. Quandahl will do something about all the untruths or better yet pure out unforgiving lies that only he and a few others believe, such as the 2nd Amendment and your guns being taken away by the Democrats, and many other Republican fairy tales. Mr. Quandahl and the Republican party have been campaigning for years and years on that, they know not the law. I hope all those who locally support the Republican party pray for  the  rule  of  law  to  save  this  country  for  future  generations.

I predict in the 2020 elections if the party of Lincoln doesn’t stand up and show some courage, they will be sent home packing, and that goes for Iowa. The Republican party has done nothing for the rule of law. Does the Bible support using gas on children? They didn’t ask to come here. Does a Supreme Court judge mean that much to you?

I didn’t fight for this country in combat for the party of Lincoln to give it away to one man and Russia.

Pat Ward


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