Top entries in Waukon Wellness Center’s Fifth Annual “Turkey Trot” 5K Run/Walk ...

The Waukon Wellness Center hosted its fifth annual “Turkey Trot” 5K Run and Walk Thanksgiving morning, November 22. Approximately 110 participants (pictured below at the starting line the day of the event) took part in the event, with first-place finishers in five of the 12 age categories receiving a frozen turkey (indicated by an asterisk [*] in the list below) and the top three placewinners in each age category taking home medals to commemorate their effort. The event was held to advocate wellness in the local community and also as a fundraiser for the community tennis court project, raising $1,200 for that cause. The top entries in each age division at the annual event are pictured above and listed as follows:

WOMEN: Ages 19 and Under: 1st place - Annette Leschensky (23:08), 2nd place - Breckan Stewart (23:29), 3rd place - Liv Brustad (27:35); Ages 20-29: 1st place - Katie Dudek* (20:08), 2nd place - Leeta Votsmier (22:09), 3rd place - Brooke Welsh (23:10); Ages 30-39: 1st place - Jennifer Wikan (22:47), 2nd place - Morgan Olson (23:50), 3rd place - Trisha Wilkins (24:48); Ages 40-49: 1st place - Amy Larkin (29:22), 2nd place - Michelle Clark (29:23), 3rd place - Tina Cooper and Michelle Pladsen (35:04); Ages 50-59: 1st place - Elizabeth Leschensky* (24:35), 2nd place - Sheila Mellick (28:35); Ages 60+: 1st place - Cathy Scheeler (35:28), 2nd place - Debbie Rixen (35:51), 3rd place - Kathi Wild (41:10).

MEN: Ages 19 and Under: 1st place - Nick Kerbeshian* (16:29), 2nd place - Adam Chance (19:48), 3rd place - Toby Conway (22:25); Ages 20-29: 1st place - Marshall Lyons (19:22), 2nd place - Mike McDowell (22:33), 3rd place - Jacob Abrams (23:26); Ages 30-39: 1st place - Nick Nordheim* (17:15), 2nd place - Derek Snitker (18:53), 3rd place - Tom Cunningham (21:14); Ages 40-49: 1st place - Scott Conway* (18:19), 2nd place - Mike Cunningham (19:33), 3rd place - Brian Brandsmeier (24:59); Ages 50-59: 1st place -  Dan Byrnes (25:49); Ages 60+: 1st place - Randy Nordheim (21:12), 2nd place - Dave Farmer (23:04), 3rd place - John Scheeler (38:10).

Pictured above: Left to right - Front row: Jacob Abrams, Brooke Welsh, Breckan Stewart, Katie Dudek, Derek Snitker, Nick Kerbeshian, Adam Chance, Tom Cunningham, Randy Nordheim. Back row: John Scheeler, Kathi Wild, Cathy Scheeler, Leeta Votsmeier, Mike McDowell, Marshall Lyons, Michelle Clark, Amy Larkin, Jennifer Wikan, Sheila Mellick, Debbie Rixen, Nick Nordheim, Mike Cunningham, Scott Conway, Toby Conway, Dan Byrnes, Brian Brandsmeier. Not pictured: Annette Leschensky, Liv Brustad, Morgan Olson, Trisha Wilkins, Tina Cooper, Michelle Pladsen, Elizabeth Leschensky. Submitted photo.

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