Letter to the Editor: More than anticipated

To the Editor:

Phone calls, e-mails, like comments, and even hugs were more than I ever anticipated after my previous letters published in The Standard dated 11-14-18 and 11-28-18. Did I expose some things that were never meant to see the light of day? “The more you stir a stinking mess, the more it stinks” (not my words). How about we all start stirring?

For those who didn’t understand my reference to cost of a culvert versus the cost of a bridge, let me explain. The difference could well be a million or few, besides a road closure for four to six months, plus a change order if we forgot something. You may someday be shocked if you see a couple toll booths at the foot of fairground hill.

I have gotten no answers to questions I put forth. I can understand that they may not want to “own” the situation. When will the planner reveal his hand, streets rebuilt or maintained? We now know that maintained is assumed to be free and yet we are all paying for it.

Referring back to my earlier letters, I have checked with local insurance companies and find that if you want to insure your underground water line, that coverage can be purchased locally for about $30 a year as opposed to the $75.96 from the Pennsylvania company.

Herb Larkin


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