Lansing City Council hears update from Iowa DOT on Black Hawk Bridge considerations, approves purchase of body cameras for police officers

by Macie Hill

The Lansing City Council meeting was held Monday, December 17. Discussion centered around the adoption of the consent agenda, a Black Hawk Bridge update, acknowledging receipt of a letter from Attorney Karl Knudson, discussing the shoveling ordinance, a marina dock project update, rebuilding a pump for the jetter and purchasing body cameras for the City police officers.

The consent agenda consisted of the City Council Minutes from the meeting held December 3 and the Treasurer’s Report for November 2018. The consent agenda was approved with no major concerns.

Consultants with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) were present at the meeting to discuss long-term options for the Black Hawk Bridge in Lansing. They explained they have several different options to consider for what could happen with the existing Black Hawk Bridge and where the proposed new bridge is going to be placed. As of now, the DOT plans on revealing a preferred alternative within a year. The consultants thanked the Lansing community for its involvement and understanding with the whole process and plans on encouraging and keeping the community updated.

Item number four on the agenda stated “Acknowledge recipient letter from Attorney Karl Knudson on behalf of William Burke about Lansing City Council Minutes regarding William J. Burke.” Burke is requesting a change to the official meeting minutes from June 3, 2013 where they state he was removed from the council or he will move forward with further action.

During the Street Report section of the meeting, the shoveling ordinance was discussed. There will be an official updating of that ordinance at the first meeting of the new year, which is scheduled for January 7. As of now, the ordinance states that if snow is not removed within 24 hours after snowfall has stopped, the City will shovel the sidewalks for a minimum charge of $75 and an additional $25 charge with each extra hour of labor.

The council made and seconded a motion to hire Waterworks for the Marina dock project for the amount of $60,988 to replace dock 6, $80,183 to replace dock 7 and $10,115 for the pedestals. Blake Electric will be completing the wiring aspect of the project for the agreed amount of $14,370. The total price of this project is estimated to be $165,656.32.

The City also approved Resolution #914 authorizing and approving a loan agreement with New Albin Savings Bank with a 3.90% interest rate, providing for the issuance of a $200,000 General Obligation Marina Improvement Note and providing for the levy of taxes to pay the same.

Reviewing increasing marina slip prices was postponed until the second meeting in January, which is January 21. The council approved the hiring of CapCo to rebuild a pump for the jetter for the amount not to exceed $2,200. The council also approved the purchase of new body cameras for the Lansing Police officers for the amount of $3,315, for which the City will only be obligated to pay the amount of $315.

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