Welsh Christmas nears its 100th year ...

A total of 125 relatives of the Mary and Patsy Welsh family gathered for the Welsh Christmas Sunday, December 23. This legacy first began at the home of Mary and Patsy in 1920 and branched into parish halls and now, in order to accommodate the growing number of family members, a banquet hall.

Pictured above, left to right, are Essie Welsh, Bernard Welsh and Leona Welsh. A mass for the Welsh family was held at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Waukon, followed by a noon luncheon in Lansing. The meal was followed with a family picture, Welsh bingo, the story of “The Giving Tree”, the family’s own

Giving Tree in which they shared gifts with community members, and many shared memories. The Welsh Tree was decorated with just under 400 decorations with each of Mary and Patsy’s descendants’ names on the ornaments. Submitted photo.

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