Letter to the Editor: Do you want the USA to be like Venezuela?

To the Editor:

If you have watched the news at all, you know the mess Venezuela is in. Once a very nice place to live, the Democratic Socialists and Communists took over the government, and look what is happening. In my opinion, the devil has taken over the U.S. Democratic party. Read what Catholic Voice President Brian Burch has to say in his recent letter to me:

“On Election Night, with all Florida precincts reporting, pro-life Rick Scott led his pro-abortion opponent by 12,536 votes and was declared the winner by all the major news networks. But lo and behold, days after the votes had been counted, election officials in two Democrat strongholds ‘found’ thousands of uncounted ballots! Amazing!

I’m writing before Florida concludes its statewide recount but my point is this:

Godless pro-abortion extremists do not relinquish power willingly! They will lie, cheat, and do whatever is necessary to steal elections.

And because they will, we cannot count on ever winning a ‘close’ election; like the razor-thin margin in Florida. Our margin of victory has to be so large it cannot be stolen away from us.

Which means we’ve got to find faithful Catholics who don’t usually vote in elections, show them that their freedom to practice their Catholic faith as God calls them to is in grave jeopardy and convince them to vote in 2020.

That’s not just me talking. Not long ago Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia wrote:

‘Threats against religious freedom in our country are not imaginary or overstated. They’re happening right now.’

Archbishop Chaput is absolutely correct. And the best way to defeat these threats is to make sure America elects God-fearing men and women to Congress and our state legislatures.”

President Trump has done more good things for the USA in his first two years, and he needs our prayers and help to continue. Let’s build a wall. No nation is sovereign without secured borders. Wake up, America before it’s too late.

Kindest Regards and God Bless,
Ozzie Quandahl


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