Letter to the Editor: Is it safe?

To the Editor:

It is the duty of our federal, state and local governments to make safe, informed decisions. It is our responsibility in commercial, professional and private life to do likewise. For 23 years, this has not been the case.

February 8, 1996, the wireless industry bought our government and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was passed. Politicians receive large amounts of money and the FCC receives revenue from this industry. Even though 100% fiber optics is safe and thousands of times faster, money was prioritized.

August 6, 1996, our government nullified the National Environmental Policy Act for the wireless industry.

When this nation surrendered to deceptive wireless technology, the people, next generations and the environment are of no concern. Denying truth does not erase truth. The cost increases by way of consequences until truth is accepted and decisions made accordingly.

From 1999 to 2003, there was a 62.8% increase in brain tumors in children between ages one and 19. There is an increase in childhood leukemia, stress proteins and all forms of cancers. Children are developing in a deadly environment. From 1999 to 2016 opioid deaths in children and teens tripled. I can see why there is an increase in drug related deaths and suicides. I’m an adult trying to bring forth truth and faced with adults living deeply rooted in denial.

There are no doctors in the Midwest addressing the truth of health effects from wireless technology. Parents and communities are openly embracing it. Children have nowhere to turn for truth and help. They are forced to spend five days a week all day in school where it is heavily saturated in wireless radiation. Children deserve truth and protection and they aren’t getting it.

In our local communities we have board members; it is their duty to make safe, informed decisions for the people. They have also prioritized money over life. It’s been a little over a year that my rural electric company installed a smart meter on my property without my consent. They request monthly payments to not cause me harm by their terms and by way of a meter of their choice. This adds more undue hardship on those who are seriously affected by these deadly devices.

Local boards are made up of people from the community. You would think they would want to become informed and make decisions based on truth and safety. That is not happening. There will be a price to pay and it will be greater than we can imagine.

Previously, I’ve talked about states, politicians and communities that are becoming informed and taking steps to address the wrong decisions that have been made. I commend these people. I have yet to see Iowa becoming informed and making decisions based on truth and safety. Does Iowa care about its people and environment?

December 3, 2018, Connecticut Senator Blumenthal asked the FCC to show proof that 5G is safe. Check out: Senator Blumenthal confronts FCC on 5G.

February 7, 2019 at the Senate Commerce Hearing, Senator Blumenthal brought up 5G. The senator was virtually told there are no tests in regards to 5G. The senator ended by stating, “We’re flying blind!”. Check out: Senator Blumenthal raises concerns on 5G at Senate Commerce Hearing.

New Hampshire Representative Abrami has a bill requesting environmental and health effects on 5G to be studied. Check out his website.

A Department of Homeland Security employee gives a testimony. Check out: DHS Employee Lived through Hell of 5G Horrifying Testimony.

December 4, 2018, Michigan Senator Colbeck held a forum on wireless technology. Topics discussed were cellphones, electromagnetic spectrum science, smart meters, WiFi, 5G, “small cells”, Internet of Things, NTP Study, cancer, DNA, fertility, children, biological cell functions, microwave sickness, personal privacy, national security, and state and local policies. Check out: State Senator Patrick Colbeck: Environmental Health Trust.

December 5, 2018, the Detroit News printed “Wireless Technology Poses Risks”.

The Boston Globe has recently printed “Could Your Cell Phone’s Electromagnetic Field Make You Sick?”.

I did find that February 6, 2019, Iowa Utilities Board said “no” to Alliant Energy’s opt-out fee. This includes Interstate Power & Light. This is a step in the right direction. People should not be forced to pay a fee to not be harmed.

Go to the Internet and research anything stated in this letter.

Becky Huck


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