Supervisors approve temporary road closure on Iowa River Drive during Irish Hollow Creek Bridge replacement project scheduled to begin March 18

by Joe Moses

The Allamakee County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Monday, March 11 to address a full agenda of items including radon testing at the Allamakee County Historical Society Museum, the temporary road closure of Iowa River Drive (A26) for the Irish Hollow Creek Bridge replacement and the installation of air conditioners at the Allamakee County Courthouse.

During Public Comment, Waukon City Attorney and President of the Allamakee County Historical Society Jim Garrett discussed that the City of Waukon has agreed to sponsor the St. Patrick’s Day Parade coming up this weekend in Waukon, allowing the extension of the City’s liability coverage for the event.

The Supervisors moved into the consideration of payment for radon testing and installation of a mitigation system at the Allamakee County Historical Society Museum. Garrett discussed that some preliminary radon testing has taken place with results indicating that additional testing is necessary. Garrett provided an overview of a proposal with an estimated cost of $1,115 for additional testing with potential costs up to $5,000 for multiple mitigation systems. Supervisor Dan Byrnes advised that this process be taken step by step and to only authorize testing expenses up to $1,200 at this time, with Board Chairperson Larry Schellhammer and Supervisor Dennis Koenig in agreement. The radon testing expense was approved.

Before moving into the next agenda item, Garrett also presented some information related to an efficiency study conducted by Alliant Energy with recommendations involving the replacement of light bulbs and the air conditioning system at the museum.

The Supervisors reviewed and approved the signing of the Release of Mortgage for the Revolving Loan Fund for Thomas A. Lewan and Patti Jo Ewing. Manure Management Plan updates for West Ridge Ag, Gibbs Dairy and EY1-Eric Weymiller were accepted and placed on file. The liquor license renewal for the Old Rossville Store was also approved.

John Roe, head of maintenance at the Allamakee County Courthouse, discussed a bid received for the replacement of a door on the west side of the building. The Supervisors advised that this would fall under general maintenance and no official action was necessary. Roe also provided an overview of a bid received from Dick’s Plumbing and Heating related to the installation of air conditioners on the Third Floor and the Probation Office on the First Floor in the amount of $19,246, with the Supervisors approving the expense.

The Supervisors moved into the consideration of bids for Dorchester Drive  (A16) culvert extensions with Byrnes individually opening and reading aloud the bids received, including Skyline Construction at $415,057.49, JB Holland at $357,171.58, ICON Constructors LLC at $747,890.00 and Tschiggfrie Excavating at $686,380.50. Allamakee County Engineer Brian Ridenour indicated that he will review the bids and provide a recommendation at next week’s regular Supervisors meeting.

Ridenour also discussed the Temporary Road Closure Resolution for replacing the Irish Hollow Creek Bridge on Iowa River Drive (A26) with Brennan Construction as the contractor and a scheduled project start date of March 18. The Supervisors approved the temporary road closure.

Under Department Head Updates, Ridenour discussed recent weather conditions and the current weather forecast, which may result in soft gravel roads later in the week with the Secondary Roads Department anticipating work to be done in keeping them passable. Ridenour also provided an update on the Insurance Committee and health insurance premiums.

Allamakee County Assessor Ann Burckart discussed proposed legislation and agreed to provide feedback to the Supervisors prior to their trip to Des Moines for the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) County Day at the Iowa Capitol Wednesday, March 13. Allamakee County First Deputy Auditor Chris Gavin discussed the upcoming Postville Community School District special election.

Allamakee County Conservation Director Jim Janett advised that the potential for flooding is being watched and that the loss of the Luster Heights Correctional Facility is still being felt with that loss of labor affecting some projects and programs. Janett discussed the volunteer program and that summer positions are being advertised.

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