Letter to the Editor: Ask Senator Grassley

To the Editor:

I see Chuck Grassley stopped in Waukon, by the front page of The Standard. I was just curious if any of our local businessmen and front row politicians had the courage - I think not - to ask Grassley why he is failing Iowa farmers, his oath and the rule of law to the U.S. Constitution, and why he now has turned into just a vote for whichever way his party wants him to vote.

You, as Iowans, really don’t count - only for your vote, and he would sell you out in a second to keep his party leaders happy. You should have asked him about tariffs, which are really a tax for Iowans.

By the way, he, also like his party leaders at all levels, does not tell you the truth, and there’s a good reason why he’s not chair leader now. I, myself, can quote him lying while he was shaking my hand, and when I called him out he dropped my hand like it was a hot potato.

Pat Ward


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