Highway 82 linking Iowa to Wisconsin at Lansing now open, but limited to one lane at study site

The Crawford County, WI Sheriff's Office announced around 4 p.m. Friday, May 3 that Wisconsin State Highway 82 linking Iowa to Wisconsin via the Black Bridge at Lansing is now open to traffic once again. However, the highway is restricted to one lane near the site of the testing conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) throughout this past week. That single lane will be governed by a stop light system at the Winneshiek Slough bridge, and there is also a restriction of no oversized loads allowed on that stretch of Highway 82 until further notice.
The highway had been shut down since late Thursday afternoon, April 25 due to cracks in the pavement in the eastbound lane near that slough bridge. Wisconsin DOT officials shut down the highway for precautionary measures following a washout incident in that same location two years ago during another period of similarly high water on the Mississippi River. The Wisconsin DOT conducted testing of the subsurface supporting that portion of the roadway Monday through Friday of this past week, including boring into the pavement and subsurface and underwater sonar testing, with results of that testing not being released as of this announcement of the highway being opened again to traffic.

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