National Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10: ACSD students appreciate their teachers

by Waukon High School Publications students Olivia Opat, Madelyn Helgerson and Janett Farning

Throughout the Allamakee Community School District (ACSD), both students and staff have been celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 6-10. Students across the school district commented on the topic of why they appreciate their teachers.

Two children from elementary school shared why they appreciate teachers, including a student named Cole. He stated, “Teachers are like water. You need them to survive. They have traits that make them unique. They teach their passion and that passion may be one of yours.”

Another elementary student, Leah, stated, “I appreciate my teachers because they know more than we do and they are trying to teach us some of the knowledge.”

Students from Waukon Middle School showed a lot of appreciation for their teachers as well. Sixth grader Sarah commented, “Teachers make my school day better by always being there to help you when you need it and they always make me laugh.”

Another middle schooler, seventh grader Ashlin, stated, “I appreciate my teachers because they help me to learn. My teachers make the school day better because they are kind and they help me when I need it.”

Eighth grader Ethan stated, “I appreciate my teachers because they put up with trouble makers all day, yet still, they are able to do a great job teaching us who actually listen. They chose the teaching profession in order to help kids learn and grow. The fact that they come to school every day knowing what they will have to deal with is amazing of itself.”

Waukon High School has showed appreciation for its teachers as well. Sophomore Connor commented, “I appreciate teachers for all the one-on-one time they give and how much they care. A good teacher to me is someone who makes learning fun but still educational. Teachers make my school day better because they answer any questions I have.”

Another high school student, junior Alyx, stated, “A good teacher is someone who goes out of their way to show they personally care about you. I think all teachers should try to make some sort of small relationship with their students to help make your day better. The best teachers are the ones who can put their personal problems aside for the time being and help the students out.”

Senior Michaela commented, “I appreciate teachers because I know how much work and time they put into the courses that they teach. Teachers make my school day better when they continue to have positive and optimistic things to say no matter the situation.”

Students from as young as elementary students to as old as high school students in the Allamakee Community School District have shown great appreciation to their welcoming and hard-working teachers.

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