Lansing City Council hears update on Old Stone School Project

by Macie Hill

The Lansing City Council met Monday, May 20. A motion was made and seconded for Resolution #920 amending the FY2019 Budget. A motion was made and seconded to consider looking at bids to either repair or replace the wall located on Highway 9 near 1417 Main Street.

There will be a public hearing June 3 regarding Clear Creek Crossing. Items such as project specifications and price will be discussed. The current cost estimate for this project is around $300,000. For this project the council approved the Clear Creek Crossing Iowa DNR wastewater section construction permit application, a joint permit application that deals with both the DNR and Corps of Engineers, and a Lansing floodplain development permit.

The council made the decision to sign a five-year contract with Municipal Pipe and Tool. Their services include exposing manholes, cleaning sewers and many others. The contract states that if the City of Lansing or the company wishes to terminate or amend the contract, they may as long as they give at least 30 days written notice.

A motion was made and seconded to purchase a pump for the water and sewer department and other street projects. After looking at many options, it was decided to purchase from John Deere for the amount of $2,874.28.

The council accepted the bid from Welsh Farm and Home for dock hardware not to exceed $5 a cleat with associated hardware. Welch, Incorporated will be providing dust control around the city for $.60 a gallon.

Mike Brennan, Mike Manning, Bruce ReVoir, Bruce Palmborg, Val Reinke and Karen Galema are part of the Stone School committee. The committee met in regards to what is going to happen to the Old Stone School. Some of the focus points for the committee include the following: Preservation of the exterior of the building consistent with its original construction, including the cupola and bell; the windows should be restored or replaced to look as close to the original as possible; heating and cooling units hanging on the outside of the building would have a negative impact on appearance; parking is at a premium, and any parking that is currently green space will be evaluated; and bonding for completion of the project is crucial.

The work plan includes a four-year plan in which the first year would end June 2020. Some of the feedback from committee members was that they need a more detailed work schedule and layout and they would like to make sure that most of the existing grass stays there, especially on the front half of the property. Committee members agree they will have to discuss parking options with the school district.

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