Older art students interact with elementary students ...

The Waukon High School and Middle School art students under the direction of Carlyn Lechtenberg invited students from West and East Elementary Schools over to their art room again this semester, but this time to “fly” on over and see/take pictures with the students’ Kelsey Montague-inspired wings (pictured below). The wings are part of Montague’s “what lifts you” campaign and are designed to spread a kind, motivational, inspirational, uplifting message. Students have been coming over the last couple weeks of the school year to view the middle/high school artwork that is on display, interact with the large “wing” art display and play a game with the older students to create their own inspirational feathers (as pictured above). The wings were also on display in the Waukon High School gym for the Waukon High School graduation ceremonies held Sunday, May 19. Submitted photos.

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