Waukon Middle School 10th Hour Program Drama Club performs “All the Bases” ...

Monday, May 15 the Waukon Middle School 10th Hour Program’s Drama Club presented the play “All the Bases” by Alan Haehnel (Brooklyn Publishers) to their families and community members. The play was based on a survey that was conducted in an effort to create the perfect production. The cast begins by reading the “survey results” they got from the audience in response to the question, “What do you want from a play?” Based on these responses, the cast creates a checklist and presents a play meeting all 15 audience requirements. The hilarious result is that its a “short-cheap-educational-safe, non-schedule-interfering, colorfully-costumed-interesting-set, photogenic, Shakespearean, self-esteem-building, combative-musical-repartee-filled, stars-your-precious-child, contains-no-scratching-or-picking-of-the-embarrassing-variety...show!” Drama Club leaders say the students did a wonderful job and had a fun time creating their own costumes. Submitted photo.

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