Growing in the Garden in Waukon ...

Gardening and pizza went together perfectly in Waukon recently when youth learned the different parts of a plant, and how each part is edible depending on the fruit or vegetable. It was discussed which parts help make a pizza, while everyone designed their perfect pizza. Ideas ranged from pepperoni to ice cream. Youth used English muffins to make personal pizzas for lunch.

They also discussed the four needs for plants to survive: air, soil, water and sun. To highlight soil, everyone was able to plant their own pizza garden to take home, using a variety of seeds of foods used to make pizza such as tomato, pepper, basil and thyme. To highlight sun, they made UV bracelets which turned colors in the sunshine. It was suggested to experiment with different sunscreens on their beads to see if the beads would still change colors or if the sunscreen would block the UV rays. Youth also learned how to make a rain gauge out of recycled pop bottles (pictured above).

Other skills gained were knife cutting (pictured at center), correct handwashing using Glo Germs, and measuring and making a snack (pictured below). For more information about 4-H and upcoming activities contact Becky Rea, 4-H K-12 Program Coordinator, at the Allamakee County Extension and Outreach Office at 563-568-6345 or Submitted photos.

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