Lansing City Council hears update from Main Street Lansing organization

by Alexis Johnson

The regular meeting of the Lansing City Council was held Monday, February 1. The meeting discussion centered around the consent agenda and an update from the Main Street Lansing organization.

The consent agenda consisted of council meeting minutes from January 18, 2021, payment of claims, and the renewal of a liquor license for Fajitas Grill. A motion was made and seconded to approve the consent agenda.

Main Street Lansing Executive Director Andy Kelleher provided the council with an update in regard to the organization’s recent and future activities, noting that sidewalk sales held in August by downtown businesses went very well. In October a document was created and released about preservation options for the town as well as some funding options. Earlier this winter, Main Street Lansing hosted adoption of a planter pot on Main Street, and 17 out of the 18 pots were filled with decorations. The winner of the contest was Kee High School FFA, which donated half of its winnings back to L.I.F.T.

Kelleher noted that fundraising has been a little tough due to COVID-19, but the organization was able to apply for state and federal grants. He said that citizens have expressed that there are very few garbage cans in the downtown area so Main Street Lansing is looking to provide more garbage cans on Main Street to add to the  total of just three garbage cans available as of right now. Kelleher noted that Main Street Lansing is also in need of volunteers to take part in numerous projects.

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