Police and school district officials asking for help in reducing congestion at West Elementary drop-offs

The Waukon Police Department and Allamakee Community School District officials are asking for the public’s help in reducing a traffic congestion problem during the morning drop-off of students at West Elementary School in Waukon. Allamakee Community School District Transportation Director Andrew Eberling and local law enforcement have been working together to make changes in both student drop-offs by parents/guardians and school bus drop-off of students.

Those who are dropping off students in the morning in front of West Elementary are asked to pull their vehicle completely up to the Third Avenue curb (the street running in front of West Elementary) to let students out of the vehicle, instead of remaining in the traveled portion of the street and, thus, holding up moving traffic. Those who are using the parking lot to drop off students are asked to park their vehicle in a parking space instead of remaining in the travel lanes of that lot so buses can continue to move safely through the lot to their designated drop-off areas. All students and those dropping them off are reminded to be safe and aware of traffic before entering areas of moving traffic in the parking lot and street.

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