Letter to the Editor: Let’s work together

To the Editor:

I am responding to the letters to the editor in The Standard, February 3, 2020 edition.

I am, first and foremost, a believer, that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and God is my King. Secondly, I am a proud American, and a proud Iowan. And I am also one of those “deplorable” Trump loyalists. I love Donald J. Trump and what he has done for America.
President Trump is up for impeachment. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” What about Due Process? It was a rush job to get him impeached. Why? Whatever happened to the concept of “agreeing to disagree”? What happened to respect, integrity, unity and love?

What has happened to this country? President Trump went through four years of hate, judgment, scorn, ridicule and plots against him, and he is still standing. Could any of us have withstood that for four years? I know I couldn’t. I pray for his strength and wisdom and protection.

I have many friends and family that support President Trump - right here in this community. And for us to be likened to “slime,” really? To be compared to  “Hitler,” really? Well, I guess that is the difference between us - I would not call you the same. Perhaps the biggest difference,

I think, is who we listen to on the media. Maybe we should shut off the TVs, do our own research, and quit the bashing.

Where has God been put in all of this - up on a shelf, so we can bash each other, hate, call people who disagree with us names? Then take Him off the shelf on Sundays?

God has told us to love one another, to not slander, hate - most of us know the 10 Commandments. Our rights come from God. They are God-given, and that is what founded our country.  No one, not anyone, can take those rights away from us.

If we want our country to change, it has to start right here - with each of us. If we can’t tolerate each other’s beliefs, each other’s feelings, each others values, then we’ll keep heading down this dangerous path.

Let’s work together to promote love, healing, tolerance, respect. I pray for unity for our country, for a revival of our love of God, an understanding of our God-given rights, for discernment to the truth, and love toward each other.

“Choose this day whom you serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Love in Christ,
Deb Kiley


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