Letter to the Editor: Coronavirus battle is not over

To the Editor:

Iowa’s battle with the coronavirus pandemic is not over. Governor Reynolds’ premature rescinding of her weak mask and social distancing ordinance, done without consulting Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), may cause the estimated death of an additional 400 Iowans before Memorial Day. The rapidly spreading variant B.1.1.7 is already in Iowa. We wish we could trust her to do the right thing..

1) We do need to trust truth and science. We again now trust CDC.gov/coronavirus under Dr Walensky MD, MPH. Go there for information and a video on double masking. Wear the best mask you can and make sure your mask is tight and doesn’t leak around the edges. Dr. Osterholm’s podcasts at CIDRAP (cidrap.umn.edu/covid-19/podcasts-webinars) are good general information.

2) Please get your vaccine as soon as you qualify. Follow your local news sources, local pharmacy websites, and your local county health department website carefully for up-to-date information on availability.

3) When you qualify for a vaccine, if you are higher risk or want to receive your vaccine sooner read this: www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/02/10/covid-vaccine-appointment-w....

4) Avoid “swapping air”. It is now well known that indoor environments can hold coronavirus aerosols for many hours. They float in the air and are more risky when large numbers of people are not masked continuously. We thank essential workers who must be indoors.

5) Please support our businesses and restaurants. Ask for curbside grocery or take-out delivery. Call your local businesses with your needs. They will usually help you curbside.

6) Stay a good distance away from others not in your household, masked. Six feet is only a starting point, further is better. Outdoors is safest. Wash hands. Stay home if you feel sick, and get tested. Quarantine if positive. Call 211 or your local county health department if you have questions.

7) Take care of each other. Try to help those you know that are unable to get access to the vaccine, food, transportation, etc.

Stay Safe!

Kevin Sand, MD
David Bakken, MD
Max Quaas, MD

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