Letter to the Editor: The big lie gives birth

To the Editor:

Trump’s dangerous big lie - that the 2020 election was  rigged, stolen and fraught with voter fraud - had  deadly consequences.  For weeks before and after the election, Trump repeated the big lie. Trump supporters were enraged and followed Trump’s directives to march to the U.S. Capitol January 6. Their intentions were to break into the Capitol to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president, and threats were made to harm Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic leaders and anyone who stood in their way.

With our own eyes, we saw the rioters beat Capitol Police officers. We saw the noose this mob erected. We heard them shout, “Hang Mike Pence!” With horror, we saw the mob break  into the Capitol and the Trump flags hanging from the  balcony. Rioters wore Trump hats and Trump t-shirts, and waved Trump flags.

Republican senators and representatives failed to debunk the big lie which led to this deadly attack on the Capitol. Now, Republicans are giving life to another big lie - the lie that Antifa and Trump imposters were the insurrectionists, the rioters, and the murderers storming the Capitol.

Recently at a senate hearing, FBI Director Wray gave sworn testimony that the attackers were violent militia groups and white supremacists. At the hearing, Republican senators again tried to blame Antifa and fake Trump supporters. Director Wray repeated his testimony that there were no fake Trump supporters and no Antifa involved in the attack on the Capitol. Wray testified that white supremacists are domestic terrorists and the major threat to the nation.

Yet, instead of condemning white supremacists, violent militias and other Trump-supporting domestic terrorists, the Republicans continue to lie and say Antifa attacked the Capitol. This is cowardly and dangerous.

Republican leaders are placing our democracy, our national security and our safety at grave risk. This lie will result in more violence, death and destruction by domestic terrorists. For the sake of our nation, it is  imperative that Republicans put country before party.

Karen Pratte

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