Dalton Dibert takes the early lead in The Standard’s Bracket Challenge; Few entries still have final four selections left

After a year’s absence, the return of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has brought back with it The Standard’s Bracket Challenge. That year’s absence hasn’t dampened the excitement of the tournament nor the support of the Bracket Challenge.
The first two rounds of the tournament this past weekend have left the following top-24 entries, with another dozen entries tied for the 25th spot, just a single point off of this list:
Dalton Dibert    45
Jeremy Engrav    43
Janessa Weymiller    42
Gene Praska    42
Jonathan Miller    42
Ron Brinkman    42
Betty Jepsen    41
Kole McCormick    41
Morgan Weymiller    41
Brad Krambeer    40
Will Robinson    40
Mason McMillan    40
Mike Kramer    40
Charlene Baxter    40
Gary Hammel    40
Jen Moose    40
Dave Martin    40
Tami Stilwell    39
Troy Gress    39
Dennis Miller    39
McKenzie Baxter    39
Jamie Phipps    39
Amy Robinson    39
Ross Weymiller    39

As history - and this tournament - have shown, a good early showing does not necessarily lead to long-term success. Some of these top entries listed above have already lost as many as half of their final teams, while others not even included on this list still have all of their final four teams well intact.

Watch future editions of The Standard for updated standings as the tournament progresses, although the scheduling of this year’s tournament will not allow for a complete update through this coming week’s next two rounds. This year’s schedule has two Elite Eight games being played Tuesday, March 30, which will be after next week’s issue of The Standard is printed and will not allow for a complete update.

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