Letter to the Editor: What is happening to our country?

To the Editor:

I enjoy reading the fact-based letters to the editor, unlike letters submitted to the editor by Mr. Hill, Mrs. Klees, Mrs. Pratte and Ms. Hart. They bring up the same old statements letter after letter, hate towards Donald Trump, his supporters and the GOP. Where is the unity that they talk about?

Mr. Hill states that Mr. Trump has been fact checked for 30,573 false or misleading statements. Who cares? Trump is out of office. Their letters are always to fulfill the narrative of the new liberal Democratic Party that they support.

Mr. Hills writes: “Trump stated the COVID-19 virus would simply disappear on its own and we need not worry about it”. Sad thing is Dr. Fauci said the same thing. Nancy Pelosi, Dick de Blasio, mayor of New York City, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, Joe Biden and other top government officials from Democratic states said there was nothing to worry about and come to our cities and states to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. Joe Biden at the time called President Trump a racist, xenophobe, crazy and a few other things after Trump closed the borders to China. President Trump was trying to protect the citizens of America from a virus that could become an issue. Now that Joe Biden is president he is doing the same things that Trump did, closing the borders from the countries that have mutated the COVID-19 virus.

So, Biden must be everything that he called President Trump.

I want to ask this question. Why way back in October of 2019 in an interview that I watched on TV did Joe Biden make a comment that this country isn’t ready to handle a pandemic? Why was he thinking about pandemics back then? One of his top aides stated that COVID-19 was the best thing that could have happened to get him elected president.

Mr. Hill, Mrs. Klees and Mrs. Pratte state in their letters “Trump’s Big Lie”, that he said our national election was not fairly conducted and that he, not Joe Biden, had won the election. All three use the same statement “Big Lie”. Now, you tell me, why is that a lie? Has it been proven that there was no wrongdoings or fraud in the election? Mr. Hill writes that after numerous investigations all his claims were shown to be without merit. What investigations? All the strong evidence of a fraudulent election has never been taken up in any court of law that I know of.

Mr. Hill writes that Christopher Krebs reported that “there is no evidence” any voting systems were compromised and that the 2020 election “was the most secure in American history”. Can we take this person at his word just because he is the Republican Head of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency? Did you ever think he might lie? Mr. Hill writes that Attorney General Mr. Bahr even admits there was fraud but not enough to overturn the election. How would he know? He never investigated it and he had the power to do just that. He just went along with what the FBI agents’ and U.S. Attorneys’ comments were. Mr. Hill states that Hannity and Dobbs amplified the Trump lies; how is that? I have seen on TV, footage of voter fraud in some of the swing states. Nobody investigated it. Why? There are hundreds of signed affidavits from poll watchers stating that there was fraud. Yet, no investigations. These poll watchers, by signing affidavits, are putting themselves on the line because if they go to court and are found that they lied, could go to prison since that is considered a felony. Mr. Hill wants Republican leaders to state that Joe Biden won the presidency in a fair and honest election. Why should they? To this day, the Democratic party has never acknowledged that Trump won the 2016 election.

One of the first things Biden did as President was to cancel the XL Pipelines permit. He put thousands of high-paying union workers out of work. The same people that voted him into office. Why would he do that? He knows that we still need the oil, but President Biden doesn’t want it coming through the pipeline. In the next two to four years the United States of America is at a very critical point in its 200-plus years of existence.

President Biden belongs to the new liberal Democratic Party, which is like what Mrs. Klees would describe as not being a slime mold, since a slime mold is smart enough to get away from danger and bad things. The scariest part of this new party’s thinking is that the 74-plus million people that voted for Trump need to be deprogrammed. What are they, robots?

The new liberal Democratic Party is the party trying to make this diverse country into one which looks solely like them. They are trying to change culture and rewrite history by destroying anything in the past that could be linked to the old Democratic Party. A prime example is knocking down statues that were erected in honor of the old Southern Democratic heritage linked to the Civil War.

To become a true Socialist/Communist country you need to get rid of the middle class and individualism. You need to take on the thought process that everyone is equal and that they get paid equally. You work for the leader. There is no ownership of anything, farms, homes, businesses, and etc. The leader and the wealthy own everything. No matter what occupation that you had in the past, the leader will decide what you will be paid for the services that you provide. If the leader says five dollars an hour is what he thinks is a fair hourly wage, then everybody gets that hourly wage.

Biden and his new party are using climate control as their basis for what they are implementing on the people. John Kerry has come out and said we only have nine more years left until doomsday. To stop doomsday, we need to take drastic steps implementing the Green New Deal. I hope the people of this fine country wake up and figure it out before it is too late. Once Socialism/Communist ideas are implemented, you will never be able to go back to what it was like before, because the leader will stay in power.

Two gun bills passed the House and are in the Senate to get passed. How long has this new party been in control and they are already going after gunowners’ gun rights? But we knew that was going to happen since every Democratic candidate that ran for president during the debates said they were against guns and would go after them. Biden wants a ban on assault weapons and any magazine that is over ten rounds. The way this new party is getting hidden things passed in these bills, don’t be surprised if the only gun you will be able to own is a toy gun, and that might be iffy.

Ms. Hart thinks that the 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill is the answer, in which only nine percent is COVID-19 related. That is why no Republicans voted for it. The $1,400 stimulus check won’t even pay some people’s rent for the month in large cities, let alone pay for the high price of gas. February 1, 2021 gas was $2.01 per gallon in Waukon. Thanks to the decisions of this new administration, gas is over three to four dollars a gallon in some places.

The rest is pork added onto the bill to fulfill the far left of the Democratic Party’s vision for the USA. They think that big government is the answer and that Washington, DC is the only form of government that this country needs. They think they know what the people in Iowa need.

So much for our democracy and freedom. There are only two classes of people in this system, the wealthy and the poor.

God, please help us.

Jeff Johnson

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